Please note that all Rayburn cookers need to be installed by a registered Rayburn Guild Engineer.

Rayburn Heatranger

Cooking, Hot Water & Heating

200 Series

Rayburn 216

Rayburn 200sfw 212 216 cream

  1. 216 SFW = Solid fuel and wood fuelled - Conventional flue

300 Series

Rayburn 355

Rayburn 355sfw 345w Cream

  1. 355 SFW = Solid fuel & wood fuelled - Conventional flue

400 Series

Rayburn 440

Rayburn 400 series

  1. 440 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue
  2. 440 KB = Kerosene fuelled with balanced flue

Rayburn 460

Rayburn 460

  1. 460 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue
  2. 460 KB = Kerosene fuelled - Balanced flue

Rayburn 480

Rayburn 480

  1. 480 AG = Natural gas fuelled - Conventional flue
  2. 480 AL = Propane gas fuelled - Conventional flue
  3. 480 CD = Natural gas fuelled - Balanced flue
  4. 480 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue
  5. 480 KB = Kerosene fuelled - Balanced flue

Rayburn 499

Rayburn 499k

  1. 499 K = Kerosene fuelled
  2. 499 K = Kerosene fuelled - Balanced flue

600 Series

Rayburn 660

Rayburn 600 Series

  1. 660 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue

Rayburn 680


  1. 680 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue
  2. 680 KCD = Kerosene fuelled available - Conventional flue or balanced flue

Rayburn 699


  1. 699 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue

*Kerosene fuelled Rayburn cookers MUST be commissioned by an approved engineer

Rayburn Cookmaster

Cooking & Hot Water
200 Series

Rayburn 212 SFW

Rayburn 200 Series SWF

212 SWF = Solid fuel and wood fuelled with boiler - Conventional flue

300 Series

Rayburn 308

Rayburn k

308 K = Kerosene fuelled with boiler - Conventional flue
*Kerosene fuelled Rayburn cookers MUST be commissioned by an approved engineer

Rayburn Electric, Cookmaster & XT

(Just for Cooking)

200 Series

Rayburn 200

Rayburn 200sfw

  1. 200 SFW = Solid fuel (coal, Anthracite etc.) & wood fuelled - Conventional flue

400 Series

Rayburn 400

Rayburn 400

  1. 400 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue
  2. 400 KPF = Kerosene fuelled - Power flue

600 Series

Rayburn 600

Rayburn 600k

  1. 600 K = Kerosene fuelled - Conventional flue

*Kerosene fuelled Rayburn cookers MUST be commissioned by an approved engineer

Rayburn Information

Everything your need to know

Why should you own a Rayburn?

Rayburn 200sfwFor more than sixty years, Rayburn has been the warm heart of many British homes, leading the field in central heating range cookers. With its iconic design, absolute reliability and flexibility, it's easy to see why the Rayburn has been such an enduring success.

A Rayburn is a totally flexible and controllable cast-iron range cooker that will transform your kitchen into a warm, welcoming space. And todays models offer you all this, plus the efficiency provided by cutting-edge engineering. Benefiting from the very latest boiler design and burner technologies, a Rayburn delivers high levels of efficiency which are independently tested and verified. And because the Rayburn is as good-looking as it is practical, it's a joy to live with.

Crafted by hand, built for life

Hand Crafted RayburnBuilt on heritage, the Rayburn is perfect for life in todays kitchen. Designed by engineers with unparalleled experience and built by craftsmen in Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, on the same site where Abraham Darby discovered the casting process that started the Industrial Revolution, each Rayburn is steeped in history. And each and every model is made here in the UK.

Take a closer look at a Rayburn and you'll discover that it isn't simply a cooker, it's a unique piece of hand-built craftsmanship and construction. More than 60 years on, Rayburn iron masters continue the traditions of skilled craftsmanship, with each Rayburn manufactured with genuine pride. Built from solid cast iron, each Rayburn is made with reassuring attention to detail, from the skilled casting of molten iron and the vitreous enamelling to the hand assembly.

It's this unique quality of build that sets the Rayburn apart and promises unrivalled performance and reliability.

The Green Choice

Rayburn Green Choice

With solid fuel and 'A' rated condensing boiler gas and oil options, the Rayburn is the ideal choice for those who care for the environment as much as they care about good food and a warm home.

Benefiting from the very latest boiler design and burner technologies, a Rayburn delivers high levels of efficiency which have been independently tested and verified. Some models offer 'A' rated efficiency oil and gas condensing central heating boilers.

The intelligent Eco-mode setting encourages fuel efficiency and energy savings, whilst the two fully automatic burners allow hot water and heating to be controlled independently of cooking.

Add to this the popular wood burning models, which have been specifically designed to optimise the combustion potential of wood, and you have the perfect solution for those who value both the environment and fuel independence.

Environmentally friendly

Burning wood is carbon neutral because it only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as it would, if it were left to decompose on the forest floor.

So when you burn firewood be assured that you are not harming the environment.

Simply better food

Rayburn Better Food

Rayburn cast iron ovens use the principle of indirect heat, which is kind to food and locks in flavour, moisture and goodness. Generations of devoted Rayburn owners will testify to the difference.

From high-heat cooking, which helps bring out the best in vegetables, to roasting and brilliant baking, the Rayburn is master of all culinary styles.

Nothing is simpler, nothing is easier, nothing gives you such fantastic results whether you're cooking a simple dish or the most complex of modern recipes, you can rely on the Rayburn to perform beautifully.

Master of all culinary styles


Indirect radiant heat will help you create feather-light pastries, beautifully baked cakes and wonderfully moist breads.

Fry and Stir-Fry

The intense heat of the hotplate means steaks can be quickly seared, producing meat that is branded on the outside and tender inside. The boiling end of a Rayburn hotplate delivers a perfect stir-fry in minutes.


Roasts are quick and easy in the main oven. Food is cooked evenly with minimum shrinkage. Alternatively, slow roasting gives meltingly tender results.


Delicious, tasty grills. Bacon, fish, tomatoes, chops and that Sunday morning speciality of a full British breakfast, can all be grilled at the top of the main oven.


You can use the simmering end of the hotplate or the main oven, on a low setting, to steam anything from a light sponge pudding to a pan of root vegetables.

Slow Cooking

With the Rayburns main oven running at an idling rate, you can create rich, succulent stews, casseroles, curries and soups.


The heat is graduated along the hotplate so that you can bring a big pot of rice or potatoes quickly to the boil then just slide them sideways to reduce the heat.

Griddle Cooking

Unlike most other range cookers, you can cook directly on a Rayburn's hotplate, perfect for a tasty lunchtime toastie or for making drop scones and pancakes.

Rayburn FAQ's

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Do I have to leave my Rayburn on?

Traditional models have been designed for continuous operation and are adjusted to provide the required temperatures. Rapid Response models are designed to be turned on and off as required, and heat up as fast. these can also be operated on a special low setting to give a gentle warmth to the kitchen as well as for off-peak cooking.

Will I have to relearn how to cook with a Rayburn?

No. Your Rayburn can be used as easily as any Conventional cooker. There are, however, several techniques open to you when cooking on a Rayburn that give better results that are just not possible with a Conventional cooker. Each new Rayburn comes with a comprehensive Rayburn cookbook full of delicious traditional and contemporary recipes, plus hints and tips to help you get the very best out of your cooker. We hold demonstrations in our showroom at Darts Farm in Topsham near Exeter.

Is a Rayburn controlled like a Conventional cooker?

Yes, they all offer supreme flexibility and complete controllability for cooking, and on larger models hot water and central heating. Twin burner, Rapid Response models are fast to heat up, giving moderate oven temperatures in around 30 minutes. Models with integral programmes give control to suit modern lifestyles.

Can I cook without running the central heating?

Yes. All twin-burner models have separate burners for cooking and heating. Certain models are also available with an electronic programmer so you can set the heating and cooker to come on independently in anticipation of your return home.

Do you make balanced flue models?

Yes. Unlike manufacturers, we recognise that a balanced flue installation is often an attractive proposition. Both the Rayburn 480CD and the 680KCD condensing boiler models feature a balanced flue meaning there is no need for an existing chimney.

How can I grill food on a Rayburn?

Grilling takes place in three ways. Bacon, sausages, tomatoes and so on are placed on a grill rack in the meat tin at the very top of a hot oven where they cook to perfection. A ridged grill pan is heated on the boiling end of the hotplate or on the floor of a hot oven for steaks, cutlets and chops. Grilled or toasted sandwiches can be cooked directly on the hotplate.

Do Rayburns have to be positioned against an outside wall?

No. With the introduction of the power flue gas-fired and oil-fired Rayburns, cookers can now be installed in locations in virtually any position in the kitchen, including island peninsular setting. Conventional flue models can be fitted on internal or external walls as convenient. Balanced flue models must be fitted against a suitable outside wall.

Where are Rayburns made?

The Rayburn is a British invention and all the castings are made in the Coalbrookdale Foundry in Iron-bridge, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Every Rayburn is hand built in Shropshire by our master craftsmen and delivered to the home ready assembled, or in modular form, for easy installation.

Will the kitchen get too hot?

The amount of insulation in a Rayburn, depending on model, is Sufficient to provide some warmth to the kitchen as required. Traditional models give a gentle warmth at an idling setting, and more heat when at full operating temperature. Rapid Response models are designed to be turned on and off as required, but may also be run on a low setting if required.

How quickly do they heat up

Traditional models are designed for continuous operation. To bring the cooker from an idling setting to a moderate oven takes around 40 minutes. Rapid Response models have a very fast up from cold, around 30 minutes for a moderate oven.

Do the burners make much noise?

Models are available that are silent in operation, noise levels from most burners are low, pressure jet burners are audible when heating up, but are thermostatically controlled. Pressure jet technology has improved greatly in recent years and the new burners are quieter than ever before.

Are Rayburns expensive to run?

Efficiency ratings for our new models are directly comparable to other premium boilers and therefore a Rayburn costs no more to run than a comparable Conventional boiler. Rayburns are made from cast iron, a material that has excellent thermal properties which absorbs and retains heat, making the most of your fuel. The cookers are also well insulated making for efficient and economical running even when operated continuously. All models are controllable to give total flexibility. Costs will also vary dependent on lifestyle, usage, model and system design. bear in mind that the presence of a Rayburn in the kitchen will possibly eliminate the need for a radiator.

Are both ovens for cooking?

All Rayburns have large main cast iron oven, large enough to easily accommodate a 28lb (13kg) turkey. The lower oven is two-thirds the volume of the upper oven. Models with cast iron lower ovens operate at half the temperature of the main oven. Other models feature a warming oven, which is useful for warming dishes, keeping cooked food hot for latecomers and making meringues, drying herbs, etc.

What about cleaning?

The cast-iron ovens are genuinely self-cleaning. A wire brush can be used to remove any burned-on deposits in the ovens and on the hotplate. Most spills simply burn off when the oven is at a high setting The vitreous Enamel exterior is easily cleaned using the Rayburn Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaner.

What warranty comes with a new Rayburn and what does it cover

Three years parts and one year labour. Certain components are chargeable consumable items and will need to be replaced at service intervals. Refer to warranty documentation. Subject to installation by a member of the Rayburn Guild and registration with Rayburn, the warranty period is extended to one year labour and five years parts on selected models.

Is a Rayburn safe for children?

A Rayburn is generally safer than most Conventional cookers as there are no naked flames or very hot electric elements to touch. Its controls are also hidden away. Although the body and hotplates of a Rayburn are hot to the touch, its surface temperatures are not likely to cause significant injury. As a general safety matter, children should not be allowed to play with a cooker or its controls or to interfere with fires or burners.

Will we need another cooker for the summer?

Not with our 400, XT, 600 and 800 Series, as they can be turned on during cooking periods only.

What happens in a power cut when a Rayburn is in use?

Solid fuel models, as well as the 208G, 300K and 308K will continue to provide cooking and domestic hot water. All other Rayburns will go into a safe mode when the electricity supply is interrupted and should automatically restart when it is restored. The 200G and 400, 600 and 800 Series models, will not operate during a power cut.

Is fitting included?

No, but all Rayburns are hand finished and delivered pre-built and fully tested, so do not need to be assembled on site (excluding the Rayburn 800 Series). For cooking only models, suitable fuel and flue connections need to be fitted. For hot water and central heating models a competent plumber will need to connect the cooker to your central heating.

Will the chimney need lining?

Generally, yes, but it depends on the flue construction. A professional survey will determine this.

How Does A Rayburn work?

Nothing cooks like a Rayburn

The combination of ovens and hotplates ensures the Rayburn is perfect for every kind of cooking.


The large hotplate with its stylish iconic insulating lids is delightfully simple to use, offering gentle simmering at one end and rapid boiling at the other. It can also be used for toast, drop scones, pancakes, scallops and more offering a truly versatile cooking surface.

Main Oven

The large capacity main oven can be used for a variety of cooking techniques from roasting to grilling to baking, and because the ovens are all vented into the flue the flavours from one dish will not taint another so a whole range of foods from cakes to succulent roast joints can be cooked together, maximising the capacity of the Rayburn and minimising your effort!

Lower Oven

Complementing the hotplate and main oven the lower oven has the same benefits of all round heat and runs up to half the heat of the main oven. It is ideal for gentler items such as slow cooked and rich tasting casseroles and perfectly steamed, healthy, flavourful root vegetables.