Rayburn 400 Series

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Highly efficient and truly versatile

Rayburn 400 models are perfect for today’s fitted kitchens, compatible with the standard height and depth of 600mm worktops. They also offer fabulous performance, be it for cooking, heating or hot water. With ‘A’ rated condensing central heating and a range of models providing a variety of heating outputs, they are suited to many sizes of home.

Most of the models feature an integral timer, plus the option of an external programmer, giving you the flexibility to control your cooking and heating requirements. And the flexibility doesn’t stop there. A 400 Series Rayburn can either be flued through a suitable chimney or the power flue models allow the cooker to be installed virtually anywhere.

About the Rayburn 400

  • Large capacity cast iron ovens
  • Integral automatic oven timer ensures oven is up to temperature when needed
  • Optional external programmer on most models
  • No need for a chimney with power and balanced flue models
  • Compatible with standard kitchen worktop heights and depths
  • Boiler output capable of heating between 8 and 20 radiators
  • Cast iron range cooking with ‘A’ rated boiler technology

Please note, all colours marked with an asterisk (*) are ‘Special Colours’ and come at an additional cost.

Fuel types marked with an asterisk (*) are only available on selected models.

Additional information

Rayburn Colours

Aubergine*, Black, Claret*, Cream, Dark Blue*, Dartmouth Blue*, Duck Egg Blue*, Heather*, Pearl Ashes*, Pewter*, Pistachio*, White*

Fuel Type

Kerosene (Oil), Natural Gas*, Propane Gas*