5 Oven AGA Total Control

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Perfect for passionate cooks, large families or those with bigger kitchens, the brand-new 5-oven AGA Total Control series cookers feature roasting, baking, simmering, slow cooking and warming ovens.


Perfect for passionate cooks, large families or those with bigger kitchens, the brand-new 5-oven AGA Total Control series cookers feature roasting, baking, simmering, slow cooking and warming ovens.

Available as a standard Total Control model or with iTotal Control technology, the 5-oven AGA cooker occupies the same footprint as the 4-oven AGA and offers the same peerless cooking performance you would expect from AGA. The new slow cooking oven is perfect for dishes such as shoulder or leg of lamb, steamed puddings, casseroles and stocks.

At the heart of the electric AGA Total Control cooker is a touch-screen control panel which puts you in charge of how and when the cooker is used.

Discreetly housed behind the door, the nerve centre of the AGA Total Control cooker can be accessed directly or programmed via a remote control handset. Using the control panel, the hotplates and ovens can be turned on manually when needed. It’s so flexible – you can heat only one hotplate or both. You can opt to heat only the roasting oven, the baking oven or the simmering oven – or all three. The Warming Oven, Slow Cooking Oven and Warming Plate are operated via the button on the front of the top plate.

Alternatively using the remote control handset, you can even programme the cast-iron ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days a week. You can set the AGA Total Control cooker to provide the constant ambient warmth to the kitchen for which the AGA cooker is renowned.



Manual (you choose)
Each zone (an oven or a hotplate) can be operated individually in manual mode. Any zone selected will remain on until switched off.

TCA Touch Screen Control Panel Slumber (ovens only)
In this mode all three ovens are active, pre-set at a simmering heat. Slumber setting is ideal for slow cooking and giving a gentle heat into the kitchen, creating that unmistakable ambient AGA warmth. When the ovens are in slumber mode, they take less time to reach full heat.

Auto (ovens only)
Selecting the auto function brings selected ovens up to full heat from off automatically when a programme is set. The ovens can be selected to operate once or twice each day, with the start and finish time of the ‘cooking cycles’ set by the user.

Auto slumber (ovens only)
Choosing this setting automatically brings the ovens up to full heat from slumber mode.


W – Warming plate / Induction hob
B – Boiling plate
S – Simmering plate
C – Control panel
1 – Roasting oven
2 – Simmering oven
3 – Baking oven
4 – Warming oven
5 – Slow cooking oven


Warming plate – Rest plates and food on the warming plate to keep at a warm temperature, for a limited period of time.

Boiling plate – The boiling plate is the hotter of the two hotplates. From cold, the boiling plate takes approximately 11 minutes to reach its operating temperature.

Simmering plate – The simmering plate is on the right-hand side. It is the cooler of the two hotplates. From a cold start, the simmering plate will achieve its operating temperature in about 8 minutes.

Roasting oven – Roasts and grills beautifully and is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lbs) turkey. Radiant heat means food keeps its natural succulence and flavour.

Baking oven – Heated to an ideal moderate baking temperature – ideal for cakes, biscuits and bread.

Simmering oven – Simmers perfectly by constantly maintaining the oven at just the right temperature for long, slow cooking. This develops flavours and will make even the toughest cut of meat melt-in-the-mouth tender.

Warming oven – Designed to warm plates and serving dishes, to rest meat before carving and to keep food warm, prior to serving, for a limited period of time. Food should not be left in there indefinitely and certainly not for any longer than two hours.

Slow cooking oven – The exciting addition of a slow cooking oven makes this new model perfect for those with a large family or anyone who simply loves to cook. The slow cooking oven is ideal for dishes such as shoulder or leg of lamb, steamed puddings, casseroles and stocks. The slow cooking oven and the warming oven operate together via a switch on the cooker. And as well as the two hotplates, there is a useful warming plate.

Induction technology uses magnetic fields to create heat on the base of the pan used. This has significant benefits which include:

  • High energy efficiency – The most energy efficient of any hob type.
  • Fast response times – Heat is quickly increased and decreased.
  • Safe – The glass on an induction hotplate remains cooler than ceramic hobs – but does heat with the transfer from the pan.
  • Child friendly – Will only activate if a pan is in contact.
  • Intelligent – Can hold pans at pre selected temperatures.
  • Minimal heat is lost to surroundings.

The Induction Hob comes with a host of features:

Touch control – The hotplate is controlled by touch control on the hob itself – this adds to the premium sleek design and keeps the clean hob line uninterrupted by control dials or switches.

Childlock – This function is activated by pressing and holding down the lock icon. Once locked the panel will not respond until the lock function is de-activated by pressing and holding down the lock symbol.

Pause function – When this button is pressed the cooking function is suspended – by pressing the pause symbol the power level previously selected is resumed, perfect for when the doorbell or telephone unexpectedly ring!

Timer – The timer function features an audible alarm to be sounded after a pre selected time – up to 5 hours 59 minutes. This can be used in conjunction with the Induction zone OR as a basic minute minder operated independently of the induction zone.

Automatic settings (L1 & L2) – Two pre programmed specific temperature settings. Selecting them will allow a pan etc to be held at either 40 degrees or 70 degrees respectively, they are ideal for melting chocolate or keeping cooked food warm ready to serve.

Slider control – The power levels (1-9 with a boost function) are easily toggled between by sliding your finger along the power section on the control panel.

Air gap – Please note that on the Induction variant there is an additional air gap directly beneath the hob in the front casting to allow air to circulate, this is necessary to keep the unit at peak operating temperature – this gap is not present on any other variant.

  • Independently controllable hotplates
  • Independently controllable ovens (roasting, baking, simmering ovens)
  • Choice of Induction Hob or Warming Plate
  • Slow cooking oven and warming oven operate together as a pair
  • State-of-the-art control panel
  • Running costs from £5 per week
  • Reduced servicing costs
  • Remote control via app or text message (optional feature)
  • Available in 16 beautiful colours
  • Site anywhere in the kitchen, including an island unit
  • Slumber mode for slow cooking, or to give a gentle heat into the kitchen
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts warranty and one-year labour warranty


  • Depth excluding handles 698mm
  • Height 913mm
  • Width 1478mm


  • Weight 480kg

Cooker Details

  • Flue Type Conventional flue – electric, in-room venting flue – electric
  • Induction Hotplate option Yes
  • Number of Ovens 5

With AGA Total Control, the energy needed to cook can be reduced to under a fifth of that for the classic AGA heat-storage cooker; usage depends of course on how much of the time you choose to have it on or have it in slumber mode (from which the AGA has shortened heat-up times).

The amount of energy used in the summer compared to the winter may vary significantly due to use of the slumber mode and perhaps the type of food cooked in the winter compared to the summer months.

To enable some comparisons on running costs we have provided the following ‘typical’ energy consumption based on a weekly standard menu (see table below for details).

AGA Total Control cooker energy consumption when preparing and cooking a weekly menu:

Typical weekly energy used
1. Cooker normally OFF and only switched on to cook 35kWh
2. Cooker normally in SLUMBER and turned up to cook 75kWh
Typical 24hr energy used
3. Cooker on SLUMBER and turned up to cook 8kWh


AGA Model 3-oven AGA Total Control 5-oven AGA Total Control
Busy Family*
(12hrs/wk combined ovens & hotplates use)
Busy Family*
(12hrs/wk combined ovens & hotplates use)
Fuel cost per unit /p ** 11.5p 11.5p
Weekly energy consumption 35kWh 39kWh
Fuel cost per week £4.03 £4.49

*based on 3rd party testing (Gastec at CRE) of the 3-oven AGA Total Control under a set one week menu as below. **source Scottish Power

A kitchen with an AGA Total Control cooker benefits from gentle residual heat when the cooker is turned off, as cast iron retains energy and only cools down over several hours to ambient temperatures.

All of the work has been undertaken by the AGA product team, all data has been fully verified by an independent third party.

Day Meal Food cooked Zones used on normal setting
Monday Dinner Left over meat
Jacket potatoes and vegetables
Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven
Tuesday Dinner Chicken enchiladas Boiling Plate and Baking Oven
Wednesday Dinner Pizza and oven chips Roasting Oven
Thursday Dinner Pasta with chicken sauce Boiling Plate, Simmering Plate and Baking Oven
Friday Dinner Shepherds pie and vegetables Boiling Plate and Baking Oven
Saturday Breakfast Cooked breakfast plus kettle Boiling Plate
Lunch Soup plus kettle Boiling Plate and Simmering Plate
Dinner Curry, rice and naan bread Boiling Plate and Simmering Oven
Sunday Breakfast Croissants plus kettle Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven
Lunch Roast dinner Boiling Plate, Simmering Plate and Roasting Oven
Dinner Cheese on toast plus kettle Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven

PLEASE NOTE: Actual energy consumptions will vary greatly dependent on demand, weight of food cooked and even how ‘well done’ the food is required to be. The boiling of kettles on the hotspots will also affect total energy used, but the weekly menu covers limited boiling of a kettle.

Additional information

Weight 480 kg
Dimensions 698 × 1478 × 910 mm
AGA Colours

Aubergine, Black, Blush Pink, Cream, Dark Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Dove, Duck Egg Blue, Heather, Linen, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, Pistachio, Salcombe Blue, Slate Grey, White

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