Masterchef Deluxe 110 Induction

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Designed with a powerful 8-function multifunction oven, a large fan oven and an innovative 5-zone induction hob, the AGA Masterchef Deluxe 110 Induction is a conventional range cooker ideal for those who love to cook. Its updated fascia and contemporary, understated design are perfect for any kitchen.

AGA Induction Cooking Explained


Powered by electromagnetism, induction technology heats only the pan and its contents, providing up to 90% efficiency. The induction hob also features pan identification that automatically detects when cookware is removed. This makes it easy to keep a pan at minimal heat without fear of burning, and the cooking zones will automatically turn off when pans are removed – saving energy and improving safety.


It can take as little as five seconds for water to begin boiling on an induction hob, making it a much quicker option than gas or electric ceramic cooking. Reducing the pan to simmering is equally fast and the responsive nature of induction is quickly making it a firm favourite in professional kitchens.


Since there are no naked flames and only the pan and its contents are heated, induction is considered to be the safest hob option available. After very long cooking spells, however, there is a possibility that the hob surface may become too hot to touch, so AGA has taken the extra precaution of including a Residual Heat Indicator, which provides an automatic visual warning that a zone should not be touched if it rises above 60°C. The addition of zones with child lock facility also prevents little fingers from coming to harm on the hob.


One of the many benefits of induction is its ability to improve your cooking results. Because the ferrous materials within the cookware heat at the same level uniformly, you don’t get any hot spots. That means you’re less likely to burn the contents or cook half the dish to a crisp while leaving the rest raw and you don’t need to stir as often to achieve even heating throughout.


Induction hobs are easier to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth. In addition, because the surface isn’t heated, any spillages won’t burn on and so are easy to wipe clean.

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1) Glide-out Grill
2) Multifunction Oven
3) Slow Cooking Oven
4) Fan Oven
5) Gas Hob
6) Induction Hob

Induction Hob

New next-generation 5-zone induction hob with bridging capability offers a safe, cost-effective and efficient way of cooking. Induction is the most responsive form of cooking, providing extreme precision for enhanced cooking control. In each induction zone, the standard maximum power is between 1.15kW and 1.85kW, however, a boost functionality enables maximum power to reach 3.2kW.

Multifunction Oven

A large 79-litre capacity multifunction oven offers 8 different functions for a superior cooking experience. This oven also comes with telescopic shelves.

Fan Oven

The right-hand oven is a large 79-litre capacity fan oven. This oven optimally distributes heat for quick, even cooking.

Glide-Out Grill

Positioned on smooth-action telescopic runners, the glide-out grill does exactly that. Not only is it easier to check up on your food as it’s grilling but it’s also safer, as it reduces the risk of pulling the grill out too far.

Meat Probe

Innovative meat probe functionality within the Multifunction Oven for perfectly cooked joints of meat.

Stylish Finish 

The AGA Masterchef Deluxe 110 Induction offers a timeless design quality and its understated aesthetic will match both contemporary and traditional kitchens. This model features new contemporary, robust rotary controls and AGA branded handles.

  • Dimensions
    • Depth excluding handles 608mm
    • Depth including handles 690mm
    • Width (mm) 1100
  • Ratings (KW)
    • Rating 1 1 x 1.15/2.0kW
    • Rating 2 3 x 1.85/2.5kW
    • Rating 3 1 x 1.85/3.2kW
  • General Hotplate
    • No. of burners 5
  • Left Hand Oven
    • Left-hand oven no of functions 8
    • Left-hand oven type Multifunction
  • Left Hand Oven Multifunction options
    • Left-hand oven rapid response Yes
  • Left hand Oven Cleaning Liners
    • Left-hand oven catalytic Yes
  • Left Hand Oven Furniture
    • Left-hand oven shelves 1 x deluxe tray and trivet, 2 x telescopic shelves
  • Right Hand Oven
    • Right-hand oven type Fan
  • Right Hand Oven Door
    • Right-hand oven shelves 2 x telescopic
  • Left-hand oven meat probe Yes
  • Left-hand oven capacity (litres) 79
  • Right-hand oven capacity (litres) 79
  • Induction power boost Yes
  • Induction pan detection Yes

Additional information

Dimensions 685 × 1100 × 905-930 mm
Masterchef XL Colours

Cranberry, Cream, Gloss Black, Pearl Ashes, Pewter