AGA 60 Gas Hob

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The new AGA 60 means that everyone – wherever they live and whatever kitchen space they have available – will be able to find an AGA that fits perfectly.

The AGA 60 is everything you would expect from an AGA, but wrapped up in a smaller, more city-friendly package. At just 60cm wide, the same size as any smaller slot in cooker, it’s perfect for small spaces.

And, just like other iconic AGA cookers, it’s made from cast iron and employs radiant heat cooking technology, meaning food taste so much better as all the goodness and moisture is locked in.

With ovens offering roasting, baking and simmering functions, the electric AGA 60 also features a hotplate which enables you to boil, whilst the Gas Hob AGA 60 has four ring burners for every type of hob cooking. Both cookers have an optional timer which allows programmability on the roasting/baking ovens.

In the winter you can enjoy the indefinable AGA warmth in the kitchen and in the summer your AGA 60 can be on when you need it and off when you don’t.

The AGA 60 offers cast-iron proof that you don’t need to live in the country, have a Labrador or be a farmer to enjoy the AGA life.

How the Gas Hob works

city60_gashob_diagramThe heat on the gas hob of the 60 is regulated by means of a rotary control dial, one per burner. The burners are ignited when the dial is turned in the same manner as on other conventional cooker models. All zones feature a flame failure device for peace of mind which automatically turns off the gas supply in the event that the flame extinguishes. The hotplate is designed to be run on natural gas.
Gas Hob options:

  • Wok Burner
  • Semi Rapid Burner
  • Rapid Burner



Using the control knob on the far left of the top plate, the top oven can be set to roasting, baking or the offsetting. The roasting and baking settings can be achieved from cold in around one hour. The lower simmering oven can also be up to full temperature in around one hour. The baking setting will provide a ‘warm to touch’ feel.

Oven settings:

  • Off
  • Roast
  • Roast & Simmer
  • Simmer
  • Bake & Simmer
  • Bake

GH) Gas Hob Four ring burners providing Semi Rapid, Rapid and Wok cooking. The Gas city60_gashob_diagram2Hob allows instant, convenient cooking for those with a busy lifestyle.

1) Baking oven – A moderate oven for baking cakes and biscuits cooking fish, lasagne or a shepherd’s pie. And cooking sweet and savoury dishes together is no problem as the flavours do not mix.

1) Roasting oven – The roasting oven grills, roasts and bakes bread beautifully.

2) Simmering oven – The simmering oven is ideal for slow cooking, allowing flavours to develop and making even the toughest meats tender.

UK Patent Application No 1411723.8 and EU Registered Design Applied for 002544346



To allow an additional degree of control over the 60, there is an optional extra 7 day programmer available to enable you to programme the AGA 60 cooker to turn on and be ready to use when required. The programmer functions as a ‘pre-heater timer’ controlling the top oven only.


  •  ‘Line of Text’ display, providing text feedback that gives help and programming hints
  •  Large backlit display
  •  Factory set clock and date
  •  Automatic Summer/Winter 1 hour time change
  •  Temporary or permanent override facilities
  •  Extra hour facility for up to 3 hours boost or programme extension
  •  Choice of 3 different built in programmes
  •  Programme indicator lights
  •  Any programmed settings retained indefinitely in non-volatile memory
  •  Up to 3 on/off times per day
  •  ‘Holiday’ button

Click here to view the AGA 60 Programmer User Guide

The AGA 60 couldn’t be easier to use. With one control knob for the hotplates and another for the ovens, the cooker has been designed with simplicity in mind.

  • Just 60cm wide
  • Two ovens
  • The top oven can be switched between baking and roasting settings
  • The bottom oven is for simmering
  • Gas hob featuring four ring burners
  • Cast-Iron pan supports finished in gloss black enamel, dishwasher safe.
  •  The ovens will take one hour to heat up
  • Available with Natural Gas or LPG hob
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts and one-year labour warranty

Additional information

Weight 215 kg
Dimensions 640 × 600 × 910 mm
AGA Colours

Aubergine, Black, Blush Pink, Cream, Dark Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Dove, Duck Egg Blue, Heather, Linen, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, Pistachio, Salcombe Blue, Slate Grey, White