Professional Series Freestanding Tabletop

The AGA Professional Series Freestanding Tabletop offers the ultimate standard in outdoor cooking. Whether you’re cooking at home or are looking to make camping even more fun, this clever tabletop cooker offers endless options.

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A large, flattop grill achieves an extremely hot and even surface that offers unparalleled heat retention and distribution for precise grilling.

This model can be placed on a surface in your outdoor kitchen.

The AGA Professional Series offers a host of features, including:

• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction provides strength and rust-free quality

• Large 762mm cooking surface

• Inner and outer burner controls command variable temperatures across two circular zones for edge-to-edge even heat

• Removable, dishwasher safe spill-over tray makes cleaning easy

• Adjustable vents in the lid lets you roast, steam, warm or smoke food.