AGA 4 in 1 tap collection


The AGA 4-in-1 Tap collection offers all the benefits of a kitchen mixer tap but with the addition of ph balanced, limescale free filtered cold water and filtered steaming hot water on demand, meaning you can make the perfect cup of tea in an instant. These beautifully engineered taps available in two styles – Modern and Traditional – and each is available in either a chrome or brushed nickel finish. So, not only do they perform brilliantly and look stunning, but there’s also a design that’s perfect for every kitchen style.

With a 3-litre boiler capacity, the AGA 4-in-1 Tap is capable of delivering more than 100 cups of tea per hour and the temperature is set at 98°C. A fully interactive digital display enables you to adjust the water temperature (80 to 98 degrees) and activate an eco mode, which brings the temperature down to 80°C at certain times, such as when you are away and set a timer. The technology can be set to one of nine languages and the taps boast safety features including a child lock.

The traditional style AGA 4-in-1 Tap has a beautiful curved appearance, while the modern option has a squarer, more industrial feel. Both have tactile levers and make a strong style statement, whether you choose the chrome or brushed nickel finish.

An innovative feature of the AGA 4-in-1 Tap is the magnetic HotFob. When this nifty device is placed over the cup icon at the front of the tap it activates the steaming hot water function. It can be stored out of the reach of children, meaning they will never be able accidentally to turn on the hot water function.

Superbly engineered, exquisitely finished and using patented technology, the AGA 4-in-1 collection is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

The taps can be fitted as part of a larger kitchen project or retrofitted to an existing sink and – whichever style you choose – you can be sure of impressive functionality and stylish good looks.

AGA 4-in-1 Tap Specification
Hot and Cold Water Yes
Filtered Cold Water Yes
WRAS Approved Yes
Min Operating Pressure 0.5 bar
Tank Type Vented
Power (Heating) 2800W
Capacity (L) 3
Min Temp 80°C
Max Temp 98°C
Tank Warranty 2 years
Tap Warranty 5 years


The 98°C water function will be activated by a unique magnetic AGA HotFob. This fob needs to be placed over the AGA hot cup icon located at the front of the tap to activate. This acts as a true safety feature meaning that the action of using the function cannot be learned as can happen with a twist and turn lever. The HotFob can be stored away out of reach to ensure children are unable to activate the water. Two HotFobs are included in each  AGA 4-in-1 Tap purchase in a finish to match your AGA tap, however, if you lose or damage your HotFob, or need another one for any reason, see above for how you can order a replacement.


The AGA Filter Cartridge is of the highest quality and includes a solid 5-micron membrane to protect the tank from scaling. This cartridge also absorbs other impurities which only affect the taste and odour such as organic matter, chlorine, salts and minerals.

The first filter cartridge is included in the retail price of the overall product. The Filter cartridge will require changing at different timescales depending on usage frequency, amount of people in a home & water hardness. Your AGA boiler unit will alert you when your filter needs changing and you can order a new filter below.


The tank should be descaled on average once every 12 months and this can be carried out by the consumer using the instructions provided with the product. These instructions are also available online. The frequency of descaling is once again affected by the daily use of the system and hardness of the local water supply. Replacement descaler kits can be purchased online below.

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