AGA R7 150

The new electric AGA R7 150 provides enhanced controllabilty and superb flexibility, whilst still offering that iconic AGA appearance.

The AGA R7 150 features cast-iron ovens, which are designed to always be on, ready to use and creating that indefinable AGA warmth, to help keep your kitchen cosy.


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Additional slow cooking and warming ovens offer further cooking functionality, they can be operated independently of the other three ovens and switched off when not needed.

This model features a state of the art induction hob and two hotplates, which can be controlled independently, and three cast-iron ovens for baking, roasting and simmering. The ovens now offer four distinct temperature settings.

A warming plate option is available in place of an induction hob.

Cast-Iron Ovens

AGA food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using gentle radiant heat to retain the food’s moisture, flavour, texture and goodness. The heat steadily radiates simultaneously from the inner surfaces of the ovens, creating dedicated cooking zones.

The AGA R7 150 model features ovens for baking, roasting and simmering. Easy to control using the simple control panel, the ovens offer four temperature settings for enhanced efficiency, including:

  • a slumber setting for maximum energy saving
  • a low-temperature setting for a lower than normal heat
  • ‘normal’, which is the ideal pre-set temperature for the cooking zone
  • a high-temperature setting that provides a boost for batch cooking or entertaining


Behind the top left-hand door sits a small dial which operates either the boiling plate, the simmering plate or both. In each of the hotplates, there is a powerful heating element. The boiling plate will be ready to use in around 12 minutes from cold. The simmering plate will be ready to use in around 10 minutes.

Induction Hob

The AGA 7 Series R7 150 also offers the choice of a single zone induction hob, offering a safe, fast and efficient way to cook. Once the pan makes contact with the hob surface, the pan becomes the heat source so food is heated directly. 

The induction hob is controlled by touch and offers a slider control with nine power levels and an additional boost function. There are a host of features including child lock, a pause function and a timer. 


  • Cast-iron ovens for baking, roasting and simmering
  • NEW four temperature settings for enhanced control, flexibility and energy saving
  • Special Altrashell™ coating on the cast-iron ovens
  • New cooler touch inner door linings
  • Iconic AGA appearance with superb design features including AGA branded handrails and black flush fitting side panels
  • Additional slow cooking and warming ovens, which are operated independently of the other three ovens and can be switched off when needed
  • A state-of-the-art induction hob or warming plate option
  • Independently controllable hotplates for boiling and simmering
  • No regular servicing required
  • 5 year parts and 1 year labour warranty

Tech Spec

  • Dimensions
    • Height 915mm
  • Weight
    • Weight 559kg
  • Cooker Details
    • Boiling Plate Yes
    • Simmering Plate Yes

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