AGA 60 Electric Hob

Perfect for compact kitchen spaces, the AGA 60 Electric Hob measures only 60cm in width and embodies all the hallmark features of an AGA, including a traditional hotplate and the capability to emit a soft, ambient warmth. Equipped with two cast-iron ovens, it utilises consistent, radiant heat to deliver superior cooking performance.

The upper oven offers settings for roasting, baking, or can be turned off. Both roasting and baking modes reach the desired temperature from a cold start in approximately 60 minutes. Similarly, the lower simmering oven achieves its maximum temperature within the same timeframe.

Operating exclusively on electricity, the AGA 60 electric hob is maintenance-free, does not require a plinth or flue, making it straightforward to install and maintain.

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Using the AGA 60 is incredibly straightforward. It features a single knob to control the hotplates and another to adjust the ovens, embodying the essence of simplicity. The AGA 60 comes equipped with a roasting/baking oven that allows for programming, capable of scheduling up to three different events each day when paired with the optional AGA 60 Programmer accessory.

How the Hotplates Function The hotplate uses a robust heating element, offering settings for boiling or simmering. Surrounding the main hotplate is an additional cooking zone, useful for simmering when the main plate is set to boil, or serving as a warming area when on simmer. The boiling setting warms up in about 11 minutes from cold, while the simmer setting takes approximately 8 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

Hotplate Settings Include:

  • Off
  • Simmer
  • Boil

Oven Operation The oven’s functionality is controlled by a knob located at the left end of the top plate, allowing the top oven to be set to roasting, baking, or off. Both roasting and baking settings heat up from cold in about an hour. The lower simmering oven also reaches its full temperature within the same timeframe. The baking setting ensures the oven is warm to the touch.

Oven Settings Feature:

  • Off
  • Roast
  • Roast & Simmer
  • Simmer
  • Bake & Simmer
  • Bake

Special Features Include:

  • BP/SP (Boiling/Simmering Plate): The boiling plate is perfect for quickly boiling water, whereas the simmering plate is designed for gently heating sauces and milk.
  • Roasting Oven: Ideal for grilling, roasting, and baking bread to perfection.
  • Baking Oven: Suitable for baking cakes, biscuits, cooking fish, lasagne, or shepherd’s pie without mixing flavours.
  • Simmering Oven: Perfect for slow cooking, enhancing flavours, and tenderising even the toughest meats.

Optional AGA 60 Programmer For added convenience, the AGA 60 offers an optional 7-day programmer for the top oven, acting as a pre-heater timer to ensure your cooker is ready exactly when you need it.

Programmer Features:

  • Informative ‘Line of Text’ display with helpful programming hints.
  • Large, backlit display for easy viewing.
  • Pre-set factory clock and date.
  • Automatic adjustments for Summer/Winter time changes.
  • Options for temporary or permanent override.
  • Extra hour feature for extended cooking up to 3 hours.
  • Three built-in program options.
  • Program indicator lights.
  • Non-volatile memory retains settings indefinitely.
  • Schedule up to 3 on/off times daily.
  • Convenient ‘Holiday’ mode.

Key Features

  • Just 60cm wide
  • Two ovens
  • The top oven can be switched between baking and roasting settings
  • The bottom oven is for simmering
  • The hotplate can be set either to simmering or boiling
  • When in boiling setting, the surrounding top plate can be used as an additional area for simmering
  • When the hotplate is in simmering setting, this outer area can be used as a warming plate, for example, to melt chocolate or soften butter
  • Uniquely and usefully, the top plate is made up of two cast-iron half-moon pieces, which can be removed and put in the dishwasher
  • The ovens will take one hour to heat up and the hotplate eight to 11 minutes
  • Available in 16 beautiful colours including the new Dartmouth Blue
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts and one-year labour warranty

Tech Specs


  • Depth excluding handles 620mm
  • Height 910mm
  • Width 600mm


  • Weight 223kg

Fuel Type

  • Fuel Type Electric

Energy Consumption


Since the launch of the AGA Total Control in 2011, there have been electric AGA cookers that can be ‘on when you need them and off when you don’t’. The AGA 60 is the latest addition to the collection of new-generation AGA cookers. The technology used means you are only using energy when you need it, while also enjoying all the benefits of radiant heat cooking.

As the AGA 60’s hotplates and ovens can be turned off by the control knob you are reducing the amount of energy used, providing further potential energy savings.


Rigorous testing of the AGA 60 has been undertaken to assess the energy consumption under different conditions of use. The test is based on the same standard menu used for the AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control to measure energy consumption. Below is a table, which represents one week of typical usage. The findings from this testing are approximate and will depend on ambient conditions, mains voltage supply and variability in manufacturing assembly.

Day Meal Food Cooked Zones used
Monday Dinner Left over meat
Jacket potatoes and vegetables
Boiling Plate
Roasting Oven
Tuesday Dinner Chicken Enchiladas Boiling Plate
Baking Oven
Wednesday Dinner Pizza and oven chips Roasting Oven
Thursday Dinner Pasta with chicken sauce Boiling Plate
Simmering Plate
Baking Oven
Friday Dinner Shepherds Pie and vegetables Boiling Plate
Baking Oven
Saturday Breakfast
Cooked breakfast plus kettle 


Soup plus kettle


Curry, rice and Naan bread

Boiling Plate
Boiling Plate and Simmering PlateBoiling Plate and Simmering Oven
Sunday Breakfast
Croissants plus kettle
Roast DinnerCheese on toast plus kettle
Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven
Boiling Plate, Simmering Plate and Roasting Oven
Boiling Plate and Roasting Oven

The energy consumed over one week for this test was around 35kWh. Clearly there are even greater savings to be made if only the top plates are used (during warmer periods of the year for example) with the ovens turned off.

NB – The AGA 60 requires a 32amp connection.

Options & Info

Weight 223 kg
Dimensions 620 × 600 × 910 mm
AGA Colours Aubergine, Black, Blush Pink, Cream, Dark Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Dove, Duck Egg Blue, Linen, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, Olivine, Salcombe Blue, Slate Grey, White

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