Specialist in cooker hoods and venting hobs

We are the secret ingredient for your kitchen. The silent power of our experience is incorporated in everything we make. Our cooker hoods and hobs excel in silence and design minimalism, created to bring peace to the heart of the kitchen. Powerful too, built with an eye for precision and perfection. And designed so that you can comfortably cook, thanks to smart technology that allows your kitchen appliances to communicate.

Central to every home is the kitchen, a dynamic hub where culinary creativity intertwines with family gatherings. Novy transforms this space, infusing it with vitality through its silent, high-performance cooker hoods, hobs, and induction appliances. Whether you’re whipping up a meal or hosting guests, Novy ensures an optimal environment for living, working, and enjoying leisure time.

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A superior extractor is pivotal in banishing unwanted odors, maintaining cleanliness, and fostering fresh air circulation. Novy’s renowned extractors operate with remarkable quietness and efficiency, while their innovative hobs cater to contemporary living trends, maximizing kitchen functionality and surface utilization. With an array of induction hob options, Novy caters to diverse cooking preferences, from vented systems for specialized extraction to cutting-edge models offering seamless integration with cooker hood controls at your fingertips.

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Garton King are able to sell all Novy appliances.

For enquiries about the Novy range through Garton King, please call us on 01392 549539 for our market leading range cooker prices, free to delivery anywhere in mainland UK.

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