AGA 60 Cookers

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The AGA 60 ensures that no matter where you live or the size of your kitchen, there’s an AGA to fit your space perfectly.

This model encapsulates all you expect from an AGA, but in a compact, urban-friendly design. With its 60cm (600mm) width, equivalent to a standard slot-in cooker, it’s ideal for tighter spaces. Crafted from cast iron and utilising radiant heat cooking technology, the AGA 60 guarantees enhanced flavours, as it preserves the food’s moisture and nutrients.

It features two ovens with capabilities for roasting, baking, and simmering, alongside a hotplate for boiling or simmering.The programmable ovens eliminate waiting time for preheating.

Enjoy the unique AGA warmth in your kitchen during winter, and in summer, benefit from its flexibility to be turned off when not needed. The AGA 60 proves that enjoying the AGA lifestyle isn’t exclusive to country living or farming.