Design Ideas for Kitchens with an AGA Masterchef

20th Feb 2024

Design Ideas for Kitchens with an AGA Masterchef: Blending Tradition and Modernity

Ever thought of your kitchen as the heart of your home? It’s where meals are prepared with love, families gather to share their day, and memories are baked into every corner. Now, imagine introducing a classic masterpiece into this space – the AGA Masterchef

This isn’t just any appliance; it’s a statement piece that brings warmth, tradition, and a touch of elegance to your kitchen design. But how do you design a kitchen around an AGA, or better yet, incorporate an AGA into your existing kitchen design? 

Letting the AGA Take Centre Stage

AGAs have an iconic and unmistakable look, but they need the right stage to shine. Positioning your AGA in a central location not only optimises kitchen flow but also allows it to be a focal point. Think of it as the sun, with all other design elements orbiting around it. This means arranging your kitchen layout so your AGA is visible and accessible, but not obstructed or overshadowed by other elements.

Choosing the Perfect AGA Colour

Colour plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of your kitchen. With the AGA Masterchef, you have a palette to choose from. Whether you opt for a colour that harmonises with your decor or decide on a contrasting hue that pops, make sure it reflects your personality and ties the room together. The AGA Masterchef is available in black, cranberry, cream, dark blue, light grey, dark grey and teal finishes.

Embracing a Rustic Kitchen Aesthetic

A rustic kitchen aesthetic, with its natural materials and textures, provides a warm and inviting backdrop for the AGA Masterchef. Think wooden beams, stone floors, and traditional cabinetry. It’s akin to wrapping yourself in a cosy blanket on a chilly day – it feels just right.

Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic: A Harmonious Blend

Merging the new with the traditional, a modern farmhouse aesthetic offers the best of both worlds. It allows the AGA Masterchef to stand out while maintaining a contemporary vibe through sleek lines, minimalist decor, and a neutral colour palette. 

Worktop Wonders: Complementing the AGA Masterchef

Choosing the right worktops can make or break your kitchen design. Materials like black granite not only complement the AGA Masterchef’s top but also offer durability and ease of maintenance, whereas lighter coloured countertops such as white marble can provide a great contrast.

Cabinetry that Complements

Your cabinetry can either echo the style and colour scheme of your AGA Masterchef or contrast with it. Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more modern, ensure your cabinets provide both beauty and functionality.

Deciding between open shelving and traditional cabinets depends on your style and storage needs. Open shelving offers a way to display beautiful dishes and accessories, while traditional cabinets provide a clean look and ample storage.

Functional and Fabulous Flooring

Flooring needs to be both practical and stylish. Whether you opt for hardwood, tiles, or polished concrete, ensure it complements your overall kitchen aesthetic. It’s the foundation that ties everything together. 

Accessorising Your AGA Kitchen

Accessories can transform your kitchen from good to great. From rustic pots and pans to modern minimalist utensils, choose items that reflect your style and enhance the AGA’s beauty. It’s the personal touches that make a house a home.

Designing a kitchen around an AGA Masterchef or incorporating one into your existing design is about blending tradition with modernity. It’s about creating a space that’s not just functional but also a true reflection of your personal style. Remember, your kitchen is not just a place where food is prepared; it’s where life happens.