AGA Reconditioned VS New


AGA cookers are designed to last for many years, decades in fact. It is because of this longevity and the superior craftsmanship which goes into creating each AGA cooker that some people consider buying a used AGA instead of a new one.

However, buying a used, refurbished AGA or reconditioned AGA is full of pitfalls. Take our word for it, we regularly take calls from disappointed customers who were trying to save a few hundred pounds only to regret not buying a new one and unfortunately there is little we can do to help other than sympathise at that stage.

Buying a new AGA cooker means you get exactly the product you want, purpose built.  Our most recent AGA cooker models which offer additional controllability and flexibility – resulting in lower running and servicing costs – that you will not experience with a reconditioned AGA cooker. These new models also offer in-room venting which means that you do not need an external flue and can site anywhere in your kitchen.

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